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Player 1
Left A
Right D
Jump W

Player 2
Left J
Right L
Jump I

Night - Night time slime on/off
Super - Both super slimes on/off
Toast - Keys backwards on/off
Clock - Countdown clock on/off
Ball! - Holding the ball on/off
Windy - Wind on/off
Buffer - Double buffering on/off
2Mins - Two minute halves
3Mins - Three minute halves
4Mins - Four minute halves
5Mins - Five minute halves
Afl Slime has been played 171355 times!

Take part in the craze everyone first started calling Slime Volleyball. Founded back in the 90's it has grown to become an extremely popular game with many different versions existing today. Our slime games require the latest java plugin to play. Check back frequently for the latest games.

As of September 15, 2019, the most popular slime game is Soccer Slime!

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